body cargo/pgrm [resistance] CD / 2012

 This album has united two Lithuanian projects under a theme of resistance. Papua New Guinea cannibals' resistance against outsider effects is different from resistance of interwar period Lithuanian guerrillas, but you can find these associations on a musical plane, and Body Cargo and Pogrom each present their own interpretations. Both projects deliver four solo tracks each. Body Cargo's creations are filthy post-morten and Pogrom this time seeks a balance between aggression and romance (there's even a piano!). There are also two joint tracks, where first Pogrom does sounds and Body Cargo delivers vocals and then vice versa.
10 tracks and a playing time of more than an hour. This is the first Body Cargo release on CD!
You can also find a symbolic link between two labels that released this album. Cipher Productions is geographically closer to Body Cargo themes and Terror is on the same land as Pogrom. Jewel case packaged with an 8 page booklet, 300 copies.

Released by TeRRoR & Cipher Productions

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