New religions referred to as CARGO CULT were born in Papua New Guinea during the World War Two. The anthropologists researching these religions discovered their indeed intriguing origin. However, later the conspiracy for hiding the truth from Western societies prevented this fact from being revealed to public as the image of certain countries proclaiming democratic values could have gravely suffered. While the truth is that the cannibal cults have a direct link with the war crimes committed by the Americans and the Japanese. The US and Japan both participated in war actions in the territory of Papua New Guinea. One of the cruellest methods of killing war captives they used was to throw live people right from the flying planes and helicopters. The operations of annihilating the captives were coded BODY CARGO. The warring parties believed that bodies thrown into the wild jungle would be eaten by wild animals and thus never discovered. However, cannibal tribes that never saw military planes before used to observe and find the falling bodies. They believed the planes were divine astromachines, while human meat falling from the sky for them was heaven-sent tribute for the worshipping of their images. It equalled profound revelation and benevolence of supernatural reality to them. Therefore, they started practising new religions inspired by and based on war crimes, cruelty and torture encoded BODY CARGO. This horrible mystic conspiracy served as inspiration for inventing its sonic equivalent. Lo-fi dark, brutal sound, psychedelic post-mortem atmosphere form the structure and essence of the new project titled by the code BODY CARGO. BODY CARGO is an austere and truthful face of the new religions as well as the mauled human bodies transformed into sound.