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cd plokštelės:

ovro 'mosaick the serpent / vipera aurea' cd [some place else]
ovro 'gegendurchgangenzeit' cd [some place else]
various artists 'radio resistencia' cd [enfant terrible]
cota 'tawil' cd [charnel music]
cota 'marches and meditations' cd [charnel music]
spiritual front 'twin a tin tin towers] cdr [runes and men misty]
msbr 'collapseland' cd [heel stone records]
vetrophonia 'shumographika' cd [strange sound records]
vetrophonia 'promzona' cd [ultra]
vetrophonia 'simultannost' cd [ultra]
knifeladder 'music/concrete' cd [cold meat industry]
knifeladder 'organic traces' cd [operative records]
knifeladder split with shining vril 's/t' cd [capp]
velehentor 'sak-elga' cd [eternal pride]
a challenge of honour 'live in barcelona' cdr [la esencia]
a challenge of honour 'only stones remain' cd [divine comedy]
a challenge of honour 'monuments' cd [vrihaspati]
various artists 'macrocephalous compost I' dvdr [oec]
various artists macrocephalous compost II' dvdr [oec]
various artists macrocephalous compost III' dvdr [oec]
donis 'bez grazdanstva part II' cd [gsproductions]
donis  'svilpiai' cd [not on label]
sol invictus 'the killing tide' cd [prophecy records]
hypnopazuzu 'create christ, sailor boy' cd [house of mythology]
of the wand & the moon 'lucifer' cd [prophecy records]
of the wand & the moon 'emptiness emptiness emptiness' cd [prophecy records]
310 'nothing to see here: short stories by 310' cd [desolat recordings]
astro 'bio-galaxy' cdr [tochnit aleph]
mourmansk 150 'zwischen varfall und veranderung' cd [l.white records]
stimbox 'between eugene and victoria' cd [l.white records]
government alpha 'spontaneous combustion' cd [l.white records]
thorofon 'the summer suicide' cd [l.white records]
cloama 'cloama' cd [new old sentinel]
mortuor 'i'm waiting for you' cd [syzmic records]
maeror tri 'the singles' cd [ee tapes]
karna 'diabolic -soundtrack for nightmares' cd [eternal pride]
vishudha kali 'unfinished devastation narrative' cd [faria records]
vishudha kali 'the white stone' cd [fight muzik]
pimentola / dead man's hill 'untitled' cd [lempo]
lonsai maikov vs dissonant elephant 'three darkening ov powers' cd [oec]
melek -tha 'perfect world eradication' cd [kubernoise]
melanchoholics 'a single act of carelessness' cd [deafborn records]
satori 'live at the cave / salzburg' cd [steinklang industries]
the mystery school 'flambeaux noirs' cd [ars benevola mater]
dmt 'selected funbient works 1-4' cd [monochrome vision]
vestigial 'aeon' cdr miniep [new sun recordings]
various artists 'emilio t. espejo 5 cc' cdr [transf.order]
origami galaktika '021226 beachland ballroom' cdr [monochrome vision]
fire in the head 'solace through psychosis' cd [rrrecords]
knurl 'vermifuge' cd [pacrec]
knurl 'scyamine' cd [pacrec]
drs 'no one should have the right to speak anymore' cd [kaosthetic konspiration]
nocturne 'working ecstasy' 2cd [oec]
schloss tegal 'the soul extinguished' cd [tegal records]
schloss tegal 'blind fault upheaval' dvdr [ars morta universum]
schloss tegal 'terra insanum' dvdr [ars morta universum]
clausthome 'radiophare' cd [indiestate]
merzbow 'scene' cd [waystyx]
lurk 'furking' cd [blade records]
europaplan 'armes de vengeans ' vergeltungswaffe' cd [achtung baby!]
temperature within 'end of fall' cdr [stridulum records]
storm of capricorn / paranoia inducta 'jama' cd [beast of prey]
various artists 'hope die in winter' cd [beast of prey]
moljebka pvlse & horologium 'kaukasus' cd [beast of prey]
nekya 'slowmotion downhells' cd [beast of prey]
nekya 'purgatory as the serpent domain' cd [beast of prey]
coc 'epitaph' cd [waystyx]
les jumeaux discordants 'les jumeaux' cdrep [misty circles]
lucisferrato 'ahnenschein' cdep [der angriff]
various artists 'the sound of nothingness' 2cdr [noid rekordz]
kiaist 'unholy anathema' cdr [k-hole prod]
telepherique / contagious orgasm 'cyouwa' cd [sssm]
artefactum & horologium 'sangreal' cdr [oec]
dev 'lvnvs selbstmond' cdr [oec]
various artists 'der wanderer uber dem nebelmeer' 2cd [midnight prod]
valanx 'ouroboros' cd [reverse alignment]
moljebka pvlse 'discourse on lightness' cd [reverse alignment]
beyond sensory exsperience / moljebka pvlse 'zielona gora' cd [ur muzik]
lark blames 'the reins of life' cd [ur muzik]
der arbeiter 'holzwege' cd [ur muzik]
horologium 'du grand desir' cd [ur muzik]
artefactum 'rosarium hermeticum' cd [ur muzik]
negru pvlse 'fervere' cd [ur muzik]
kongo 'blubber' cd [ur muzik]


croatian amor 'the world' lp [posh isolation]
body sculptures 'a body turns to eden' lp [posh isolation]
laibach 'live in hell' lp [vinyl on demand]
boyd rice / non 'archival rarities 1975-1981' 5lp box [vinyl on demand]
tobias bernstrup 'destruction' 12ep [enfant terrible]
kord featuring annie gylling 'we live in this' lp [enfant terrible]
antlers mulm 'give and take' 7inch [enfant terrible]


young hustlers 'encaged' cas [skuggsidan]
various artists 'white eye of winter watching' 2xcas [hospital productions]

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