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cd plokštelės:

drape excrement / soldnergeist 'black rider' cd [steinklang industries]
sky burial 'corranach' cd [reverse alignment]
hoarfrost 'anima mundi' cd [reverse alignment]
les chasseurs de la nuit 'nebel leben' cd [heidrunar myrkrunar]
j orphic, epoch [2], tsidmz 'unsere weltanschauung' cd [ufa muzak]
teatro satanico 'der tod in venedig' cd [ufa muzak]
various artists 'ivan the terrible' 2cd [ufa muzak]
moloch 'meine alte melancholie' cd [frozen light]
exit in grey 'isterika vechnogo' cd [frozen light]
exit in grey 'one lumen in the past' cd [frozen light]
siyanie 'mystery of life' cd [frozen light]
ion & sophus 'love of one' cd [frozen light]
star turbine 'nothing should move unless you' cd [frozen light]
hymnambulae 'orgelhuset' cd [hypnagoga press]
ait! 'harmony' cd [eremus]
tor lundvall 'nature laughs as time slips by' 5cd box [dais records]


croatian amor 'love means taking action' lp [posh isolation]
sand circles 'motor city' lp [posh isolation]
ptose 'ignobles limaces' lp [replica records]
various artists 'musique electronique en france 1974-1984 vol. 1' lp [replica records]
various artists 'musique electronique en france 1974-1984 vol. 2' lp [replica records]
ensync 'ensync' lp [213 records]
isomer 'three kestrels' lp [tesco]
les chasseurs de la nuit 'nebel leben' lp [heidrunar myrkrunar]
puce mary 'the spiral' lp [posh isolation]
pain nail 'hengellisia lauluja' 7inch [freak animal records]
brethren 'kingdom coming' 7inch [freak animal records]
brethren 'the chosen' 10inch [freak animal records]
cloama 'death certificate' 7inch [freak animal records]
da-sein 'tautology' 7inch [galakthorro]
subliminal 'sterben lassen' 7inch [galakthorro]
streicher 'legion st. george' lp [freak animal records]
hal hutchinson 'wreckage & reconstruction' lp [unrest produktion]
macronympha 'pittsburg, pennsylvania' lp [praxis dr. bearmann]
loop circuit 'sound & sound' lp [gross]
swans 'my father will guide me up a rope to the sky' lp [young god records]
control 'world of lies' lp [freak animal records]
cccc 'live in pittsburgh' lp [rrrecords]
josh lay 'rotted afterlife' lp [urashima]
sickness 'ruiner' lp [freak animal records]
fleisch macht boese 'genmanipulierte korper' 2lp [steinklang industries]
torturing gir 'torturing girl' lp [urashima]
merzbow / the haters 'milanese bestiality / drunk on decay' lp [oec]
deathpile / discordance '120 days of sodom' [oec]
skin crime 'skin crime' lp [hospital productions]
blod 'red light companion' 3lp box [segerhuva]
der blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand 'sucht und ordnung' lp [wkn / tesco]
contrastate 'no eden without annihilation' lp+cd [tesco]
alfarmania & proiekt hat 'mardrom dodsstrom' lp [tesco]
ordo rosarius equilibrio 'apokalips' 2lp [cold meat industry]
les chasseurs de la nuit 'nebel werfer' 7inch [heidrunar myrkrunar]
totenlieder 'negative karma' lp white [neuropa records]
nrrrk 'bless the children' 7inch [turgid animal]
totenlieder 'mi muerte para su amor' 7inch [punch records]
operation cleansweep 'deathcount' 7inch [kaos kontrol]
triarii 'triumph' 7inch black [eternal soul records]
monokrom 'monokrom' lp [ant-zen]


various artists 'the moon bog: other tours' cas [nen records]
llovespell 'two' cas [sea state]

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