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cd plokštelės:

sudden infant 'sudden infant' dvdr [freak animal records]
nazi bastards from aldebaran 'invasion' cdr [zhelezobeton]
bardoseneticcube & shikiro 'inner and outer space' cd [zhelezobeton]
church of howling dog 'umbra' cd [evil dead produktions]
neznamo 'aiwyasto' cd [muzyka voln]
archon orchestra 'cenotaph' cd [muzyka voln]
sal solaris 'die scherben 2004-2010' cd [zhelezobeton]
sal solaris 'thresholds' cd [zhelezobeton]
six dead bulgarians 'future bygone' cd [cod noizes]
reutoff 'no one's lullabies' cd [zhelezobeton]
hattifnatter 'barometrizm' cd [zhelezobeton]
kraschau 'falanx' cd [gradual hate records]
kraschau 'offenbarung' cd [gradual hate records]
urze de lume 'iberia oculta' cd [urze de lume]
urze de lume 'caminhos da urze' cd [urze de lume]
pain nail 'end times' cd [freak animal records]
atomine elektrine 'laniakea' cd [wrotycz records]
apocryphical soundtrack for the book 'his master's voice: transmission code by' cd [wrotycz records]
terra sancta 'disintegration' cd [malignant records]
steel hook prostheses 'atrocitizer' cd [malignant records]
collapsar 'beyond the event horizon' cd [malignant records]
aderlating 'hell follows' cd [black plague]
teeth engraved 'starving the fires' cd [malignant records]
theologian 'hubrizine' cd [malignant records]
theologian 'pain of the saints' cd [malignant records]
sigma octantis 'dissipations' cd [malignant antibody]
terra sancta 'exile' cd [malignant records]
sphare sechs 'enceladus' cd [malignant records]
leila abdul-rauf 'insomnia' cd [malignant antibody]
skorneg 'foehn' cd [malignant records]
ionophore 'sinter pools' cd [malignant antibody]
analfabetism 'av hjord ar du kommen' cd [malignant records]
yen pox 'between the horison and the abyss' cd [malignant records]
abjection ritual 'futility rites' cd [malignant records]
shibalba 'samsara' cd [malignant records]
of earth and sun 'uncoiled' cd [malignant records]
isolator 'culture& principal of anti-humani…] cd [black plague]
irm 'closure' cd [tumor]
gnawed 'feign and cloak' cd [malignant records]
sewer goddess 'painlust' cd [black plague]
climax denial 'dehumanizing environments' cd [malignant records]
obscene noise corporation 'primitive terror action / the rape of blue planet' 2cd malignant records]
sektor 304 'live reaction' cd [new approach records]
sektor 304 'communiphones' cd [new approach records][
moloch 'abstrakter wald' cd [frozen light records]
arsenne+cisak+oleksinski 'untitled' cd [frozen light records]
winterblood 'la via di neve'
cd [frozen light records]
astarium 'in the nebulous sky' cd [frozen light records]
dark awake 'imago typhonis' cd [frozen light records]
karmiciel wszy 'torre bert' cd [frozen light records]
emerge 'hiding place' cd [frozen light records]
the growing crystals lab 'sience discoveries' cd [oec]
izanami's labour pains 'destination:toujinbou' cd [phage tapes small doses]
orchestra noir 'what if…' [neuropa records]
matt howden 'voyager' cd [ars benevola mater]
minamata 'tomoko vemura' cd [les nouvelles propaganda]
zalys 'sublime' cd [reverse alignment]
red fog 'buried on vanth' cd [reverse alignment]
jarl 'amygdala colours - hemisphere rotation' cd [reverse alignment]
manifesto 'exit' cd [reverse alignment]


yen pox 'between the horizon and the abyss' 2lp [malignant records]
aghast 'hexerei im zwielicht der finsternis' 2lp [ordo mcm]
der musikant 'musinantenmusik recordings 1981-1984' 2lp [vod]
heute 'prazisionsmusik recordings 1982-1985' 2lp + 7inch [vod]
der musikant / heute 'bubu musikverbreitung' box [vod]
clock dva 'lomtics of time' lp [vod]
clock dva 'fragment' lp [vod]
clock dva 'deep floor' lp [vod]
clock dva 'sex works beyond entanglement' lp [vod]
clock dva '2nd' 2lp [vod]
con-dom 'how welcome is death to i who have nothing to do but die' box [tesco]
vril 'jager' lp [heidrunar myrkrunar]
grim 'orgasm' lp [tesco]
browning mummery 'obiter scripta' lp [tesco archaic documents]
jastreb 'orient and occident' lp [urtod void records]


hattifnatter 'barometrizm' cas [zhelezobeton]
polkka love machine 'same' cas [zhelezobeton]
flowerday 'girl on film' cas [cathartic process]
ryan bloomer 'punch pugs' cas [new force]
various artists '1945' cas [teito sound company]
n 'born to die' cas [angst]
ke/hil 'life dekay' cas [zaetraom/tesco]
order of violence 'studies for degeneration' cas [new approach records]
various artists 'poison vol.1' cas [new approach records]
of the wand and the moon 'tunes for atwillight tears for a lifetime' cas [heidrunar myrkrunar]
jastreb 'orient and accident' cas [urtod void records]
vatican shadow 'media in the service of terror' box [cas + book] [hospital records]

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