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cd plokštelės:

runes order 'misantropia' cdr [transf.order]
runes order 'delirio 68-34-9' cdr [transf.order]
sostrah tinnitus 'caravanserraglio' cdr [blade records]
toroidh 'eine kleine marschmusik' cd [205 recordings]
s. biasin trio 'untitled' cdr [ars benevola mater]
hilter 'sexfilms' cd [ars benevola mater]
synta[xe]rror 'final' cd [ars benevola mater]
nostalgia 'the house on the borderland' cd [ars benevola mater]
radio kuolema '10050 cielo drive' cd [ars benevola mater]
various artists 'a rainy day in wroclaw' cd [ars benevola mater]
mk9 'police intervention evidence series-obj] cd [spastik komunikations]
troum 'syzygie' cd [csr]
emme ya 'chthonic transmission… ' cd [csr]
shift 'altamond rising' cd [csr]
merzbow vs norvargr 'partikel III cd [csr]
masonna 'spectrum ripper' cd [csr]
tunnels of ah 'thus avici' cd [csr]
sol [19] 'ehere sun comes to die' cd [csr]
trepaneringsritualen 'veil the world' cd [csr]
coil 'backwards' cd [csr]
mesektet 'towards a bleak sun' cd [csr]
mz412 'heakatomb' cd [csr]
kerovnian 'far beyond , before the time' cd [csr]
ifots 'we can yeld our own footsteps' cd [csr]
colossloth 'outstrech you hand for the impress' cd [csr]
z'ev 'eleven mirrors to the light' cd [csr]


clock dva 'horology dvation 78 / 79/80… ' box [vinyl on demand]
current 93 dreamt by andrew liles ' like a swallowing eclipses' 6xlp box [vinyl on demand]
merzbow 'lowest music & arts 1980 -1983' 9lp wooden box [vinyl on demand]
nurse with wound 'space music' lp [beta lactam ring]
coil 'backwards' 2lp [csr]
coil 'moon's milk [in four phases / bonus] lp [midwinter]
ifots 'we can yeld our own footsteps' lp clear ed [csr]
hijokaidan 'emergency stairway to heaven' piclp + cd [csr]
blood axis / ljdlp 'absynthe - la folie verte' box [athanor]
current93 'baalstorm, sing omega 3 raud 2 mel' lp [vinyl on demand]
current93 'as the world dissapears' lp [vinyl on demand]
current93 'emblems' lp [vinyl on demand]
current93 'unreleased rarities, out-takes and rehearsals vol.4' lp [vinyl on demand]
current93 'christ and the pale queens…' 2 x lp [vinyl on demand]
current93 'unreleased rarities, out-takes and rehearsals vol.II lp [vinyl on demand]
current93 'live in tokyo, 20/21 december 1988' lp [vinyl on demand]
current93 'unreleased rarities, out-takes and rehearsals vol.I [vinyl on demand]


daniel s. bøtcher  'another red' cas [posh isolation]
ke/hil 'lessons in brotherly hate' cas [zaetraom]
body cargo 'secret domain' cas [obscurex]
coma detox 'volatile debasement' cas [nil by mouth]
aube 'quadrotation [source material] cas [self abuse records]
bizarre uproar 'antibliss06' cas [freak animal records]
bizarre uproar 'fifteen years of filth and violence' box [erratic sporadicism]
regim / treriksroset 'full kill mode' cas [vigilante tapes]
various artists 'white nights] 4 x cas [private edition]
sewer election 'choking in shit and decadence' cas [vemod records]
sewer election 'sex / death' 2 X cas [harsh head rituals]
sewer election 'shared bodies' cas [harsh head rituals]
sewer election / treriksroset 'split' cas [tone filth]
sewer election 'bristning' cas [klorofyl kassetter]
militia 'live provocation 1 & 2' ccas [destructive industries]
mk9 'unused sounds from the 2010' cas [neural operations]
mk9 'object 7 / session two' cas [evidence series]
maniac cop 'spits teeth' cas [gotenburg blood cult]
knife city 'hex inheritance' cas [cipher productions]
pain nail 'eastern frontiers 2006' 2 x cas [freak animal records]
green army fraction 'the greater & the lesser holy' cas [erratic sporadicism]
cloama 'learnaen catacomb complex' cas [erratic sporadicism]
sharpwaist 'ladd' 2xcas [ danwers state recordings]
climax denial/discordance/human larvae/moribund…' 6xcas [phage tapes]
sick seed / xenophobic ejaculation 'same' cas [audial decimation]
nefarious complex 'demonology' cas [audial decimation]

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