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cd plokštelės:

herbst9 'usumgai kalamma' box m,l,xl [loki foundation]
deutsch nepal 'alkohology cd [entartete musikk]
november novelet 'the world in devotion'cd [galakthorro]
astrowind 'semikarakory cdep [frozen light]
astrowind kedr cdep[frozen light]
derniere volonte 'le fue sacre' cd [wkn]
pogrom 'liberal cunt / liberali pyzda cd [terror / filth and violence]
sewer goddes 'hymns of infliction' cd [terror / filth and violence]
pacific 231 / rapoon 'palestine cdr [oec]
various artists 'broken flag: retrospective 1982-1985' 5cd [vinyl on demand]
mk9 'anhedonic ideations' cdr [neural operations]
death squad 'intent' dvdr [neural operations]
michael nine 'why' minidvdr [neural operations]
mk9 'resist' minidvdr [neural operations]
skm-etr 'a better place' minidvdr [objective-subjective]
mourmansk150 'only chaos is real' cdr [spatter]
merzbow 'batztoutai with material gadgets' 2cd [rrrecords 1st edition]
msbr 'the final harsh work # 18' cdr [blade records]
contagious orgasm 'the examination of auditory sense' cd [ant-zen]
reutof 'three souls for the reasonable price' cd [blade records]
reutoff 'das absterben' cdr [blade records]
contagious orgasm / telepherique 'crosses deeply' cd [sssm]
k2 'the rust' cd art edition [kinky music institute]
halthan 'collapse in progress' minicdr [l.white records]
fire in the head 'kill from the inside' minicdr [l.white records]
s.o.f.a. 'shitloads of fuck all' minicdr [l.white records]
various artists 'noise transmision] cd [deafborn]
discordance 'supremacy' cd [crowd control activities]
mourmansk150 'next to nothing' cdr [smell the stench]
mourmansk150 'urban guerilla' cdr [solipsism]
macronympha 'intensive care' cd [self abuse records]
deathpile 'final confession' cd [pain compliance]
sickness 'flesh and bones' cd [denshi zatsuon]
sickness 'deaf dumb & blind' cd [ninth circle music]
barrikad 'here we come' cd [freak animal records]
various artists 'japanoise of death' cdr [steinklang records]
taint/skin crime/sickness 'behind the smile' cdr [freak anima records
exsanguinate 'the black acts' cd [crionic mind]
various artists 'deafness is not a gift' cd [deafborn]
skalpell 'in between' cd [deafborn]
blod 'my beloved daughters' cd [segerhuva]
soldnergeist 'spur2' cd [art konkret]
soldnergeist 'global media control' cd [art konkret]
stimbox 'caveat emptor' cd [solipsism]
lefthandeddecision 'instinct & emotion' cd [crionic mind]
slogun 'every mistake a little deeper' cdr-bus card [circle of shit]
slogun 'buried and left for dead' minicdr [circle of shit]
slogun/sickness 'always numb/the scars of hapiness' 2cdr [circle of shit]
various artists 'total sliting of throats' cd [pacrec]
666 valt battery noise 'audio super-predator' cd [rrrecords]
various artists 'alliance - united in death" cd [l.white records]
irikarah 'endstation steinbruch' cd [blade records]
fire in the head 'japan 2005' cdr [a mass noise release]
fire in the head 'be my enemy' cdr [audio immolation indust]
ontayso 'procesamiento digital uno' cd [u-cover transparente]
grunt and montage 'ultimatum / destruktion' cd [monotype]
control 'control' cd [black plague]
control 'extoll hate' minicdr [misanthrope studio]
control 'algolagnia' cd [freak animal records]
control 'world of lies' cd [freak animal]
control 'the cleansing' minicdr [frozen empire media]]
control 'affliction' cdr [misanthrope studio]
control 'mesanthrope' cd [l.white records]
sektion b and control 'live at destruktion alpha festival' minidvdr [l.white records] 'laboratorio suomi] cd [freak animal records]
genocide organ 'obituary of americas' cd [tesco]
troum & yen pox 'mnemonic induction' cd [transgredient records]
troum 'accouasme' cd [cold spring records]
bad sector 'storage 3' cd [bs]
les joyaux de la princesse 'aux volontaires croix de sang' box white edition [lvm]
les joyaux de la princesse 'aux volontaires croix de sang' box blue edition [lvm]
les joyaux de la princesse '1940-1944' [lvm]


altar of flies / sewer election 'split' lp [release the bat]
richard ramirez / black leather jesus 'scrapyard' pic-lp [praxis dr. bearman]
alchemy of the 20th century / richard ramirez 'split' lp [recalcitrant noise]
murder book 'wooden enclosure' lp+cdr [turgid animal]
rome [flowers from exile' lp red edition [trisoli]
german shepherds 'music for sick queers' lp+7inch [superior viaduct]
eduard artemiev 'solaris original soundtrack' lp [superior viaduct]
eduard artemiev 'the mirror / stalker' lp [superior viaduct]
damien dubrovnik 'the vanity set' lp [posh isolation]
various artists 'dokument #1' 2lp [posh isolation]
troum 'bach eingeschaltet - dritter band' 7inch [reue um reue]
his divine grace 'bach eingeschaltet - erster band' 7inch [reue um reue]
genocide organ 'obituary of americas' lp [tesco]
various artists 'drone mind / mind drone vol. 3' lp [drone records]
various artists 'drone mind / mind drone vol. 4' lp [drone records]
november novelet 'the world in devotion' lp spec ed [galakthorro]
november novelet 'the world in devotion' lp ordinary ed [galakthorro]
dead letter spell out dead words 'no words' lp [cloister recordings]


anenzephalia 'live in boras' cas [zaetraom]
various artists '4th… conspiracy practises' cas [zaetraom]
alfarmania 'over europe 2010' cas [styggesle]
alfarmania 'dissonans 010' cas [styggelse]
blood ov thee christ 'guilty to everything' cas [styggelse]
khmer noir 'bring back the age of guillotine' cas [styggelse]
liver mortis 'scissored out' cas [styggelse]
odal 'global anti global' cas [styggelse]
standar 'in kommer gosta' cas [styggelse]
blodvite 'renad i eld' cas [styggelse]
ghoulbog fjalldesperadon" cas [styggelse]
blood ov thee christ 'documents 1985-1989' cas [styggelse]
alfarmania 'voltan' cas [utmarken]
alfarmania 'kofotsrekyl' cas [trash ritual]
burial hex 'perennis' cas [styggelse]
alfarmania 'farsot' cas [styggelse]
prostitute finger / relic 'untitled' cas [styggelse]
various artists 'from norland with hate' cas [krimljud]
wintheer 'out of' cas [hatband]
b.o.t.c. 's.i.c.k. tape' cas [hatband]
proiekt hat / agree zion 'make do 1994-99 vol. 2' cas [hatband]
kommando rjf 'untitled' cas [styggelse]
various artists 'slutstationen' cas [styggelse]
vidine ramybe 'aukstas, aukstesnis, auksciausias' cas [terror]
mutilated slut ' acid attack' cas [terror]
rusalka / mk9 'schematic conversation' cas [neural operations]
navicon torture technologies 'bottomfeeder' cas [nil by mouth]
proiekt hat 'make sence' cas [segerhuva]
nyodene d 'pogrom' cas [phage tapes]
fear konstruktor 'phylosophy of conflict' cas [nil by mouth]
naxal protokol 'the stasi file' cas [nil by mouth]
alo girl 'bangkok' cas nil by mouth]
barrikad 'through the voice becomes animal' cas [nil by mouth]
khmer noir 'bodlar med svarta fanor' cas [nil by mouth]
feberdrom 'intrusion of mortality' cas [nil by mouth]
dead body collection 'the night' cas [nil by mouth]
linekraft 'kikai ningen' cas [nil by mouth]
arkhe [3] 'for everything that lives is holy' cas [nil by mouth]
un regard froid 'la feminite moderne' cas [nil by mouth]
the rita / herukrat 'red imprint from ankle ribbon' cas [nil by mouth]
edge of decay 'the whores of new age' cas [nil by mouth]
azoikum 'human maggot scum' cas [nil by mouth]
gnax their tongues 'tsutomu miyazaki' cas [hell lies in others]

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