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cd plok­telŰs:

death squad 'out-patient' cdr [spastik kommunikations]
death squad 'isolation as intent' cdr [spastik kommunikations]
sonne hagal 'ockerwasser' cd [luftschutz entertainment]
raison d'être 'mise en abyme' cd [transgredient records]
troum 'mare morphosis' cd [transgredient records]
survival unit / tugend 'running on emptiness / occult transmission' cd [somnambulant corpse]
pacific 231 'stif(f)le: Útats brut et balancÚs' cd [monochrome vision]
fire in the head 'screams for the mute' cd [deserted factory]
various artists 'hour of the wolf' cd [freak animal records]
mk9 'anhedonic ideations' 3minicdr [neural operations]
jason kahn & richard francis 'jason kahn & richard francis' cd [monochrome vision]
bernard donzel gargand 'still to be a storyteller' cd [monochrome vision]
kiyoshi mizutani / hideaki shimada / kiyoharu kuwayama 'gambetta' cd [monochrome vision]
various artists 'this infernal love of life' cd [monochrome vision]
cisfinitum 'bezdna' cd [monochrome vision]
tomas phillips & dean king 'les mailles' cd [monochrome vision]
pbk & telepherique 'noise-ambient connection' cd [monochrome vision]
trance 'compiled' cd [monochrome vision]
francisco lˇpez 'untitled (2006 - 2007)' 2cd [monochrome vision]
nikita golyshev 'solaris' cd [monochrome vision]
brethren 'savage inequalities' cd [freak animal]
jaakko vanhala 'here be lions' cd [freak animal]
jason crumer 'first two records on cd' cd [freak animal]
gelsomina & squamata 'junkyard behemoth' cd [freak animal]
navicon torture technologies 'pure skin' cd [ncc: noise control corp.]
anenzephalia 'noehaem' cd [tesco organisation / zaetraom]
muslimgauze 'return of black september' cd [staalplaat]
david e. williams 'pseudo erotica and beyond, 1986 - 1998' cd [oec]
muslimgauze 'nadir of purdah' cd [aquarellist/tantra]
der blutharsch 'when did wonderland end?' cd+dvd [wkn]
sewer goddes 'with dirt you are one' cd [black plagve productions]
luftwaffe 'ere i perish' cd [oec]
swans 'my father will guide me up a rope to the sky' 2cd [young god records]
zfk 'rabochiy kontrol' cd [teito sound company]
koeff 'liminal looks' minicd [unrest productions]
macronympha 'pittsburg, pennsylvania' cd [trash ritual]
november 'november' cd [shayo]
darkwood 'the final hour' cd [heiden volk]
the silverman 'silvermandalas' cd [soleilmoon recordings]
the silverman 'nature of illusion' cd [beta-lactam ring records]
babyflesh 'new wave of cynicism' cd [vendlus records]
le syndicat 'timespace losses 1982 / 1987' cd [monochrome vision]
r.y.n. 'astral death' cd [unrest productions]
wappenbund 'kinder des lichtes' cd [greyland records]
john watermann 'babel #1' cd [stile andacht]
s.e.t.i. 'above black' cd [ash international]
s.e.t.i. 'pod' cd [ash international]
position parallèle 's/t' cd [hau ruck!]
ataraxia 'kremasta nera' cd [ark records]
omenya 'ancient rites' cd [purple soil]
dieter muh 'cari saluti' cd [functional organisation]
institution d.o.l. 'cultural death by consumism/die macht' cd [torm ent.]
contagious orgasm 'flows out' cd [waystyx records]
john waterman 'neurotic jesus cash boy' cd [waystyx records]
dissecting table 'rancid smell' cd [waystyx records]
fire in the head / burn ward 'split' cd [selfrelease]
contrastate 'seven hands seek nine fingers' cd [fin de siecle media]
contrastate 'false fangs for old werewolves' cd [fin de siecle media]
contrastate 'throwing out the baby with the bathwater' cd [functional organisation]
srmeixner 'the dictatorship of the viewer' cd [fin de siecle media]
claustrum & traur zot 'live 22.09.01. de fabrikk' cdr [sturm]
various artists 'hermon - waning and exaltations' 2cd mini    [mozgalom]
various artists 'united states bestial forces' 3cd [l. white records]
neutral 'walpurgis night at luisen kirche koenigsberg live' cd [collapsar records]
von thronstahl 'germanium metallicum' cd [trutzburg thule]
von thronstahl 'mutter der schmerzen' cd [der angriff, indiestate distribution]
rome 'fester' cdsingle [trisol]
simulacrum 'upuaut' cd [oec]
shift 'unable to abide the silence of the world' cd [unrest productions]
z`ev 'rhythmajik' cd [small voices]
total 'hard + low' cd [turgid animal]
various artists 'iznutri' cd [ewers tonkunst, indiestate distribution]
sagentoter 'prayers to othinn' cd [ahnstern]
scott solter 'the brief light' cd [manifold records]


gruntsplatter 'the passions of a cripple' lp [force of nature]


mk9 'evidence series object 6 - placebo' 2 x cas [neural operations]
alfarmania & proiekt hat 'astral slaktmask' cas [chefsideologens bolag]

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