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мира древо 'озёр небеса' cd [zhelezobeton]

lustmord 'the word as power' cd [blackest ever black]

rome 'hate us and see if we mind' cd [trisol]

skull:axis 'the transparent society' cd [peripheral records, death continues records]

control 'natural selection' cd [eibons records]

control 'transgression' cd [ant-zen]

control 'the resistance' cd [ant-zen]

control 'live assault' cdr [misanthrope studio]

bad sector 'unification' cd old europa café]

ordo rosarius equilibrio 'four' cd [raubbau]

deaf machine 'found noises' cd [raubbau]

deaf machine 'transistor' cd [raubbau]

kraken 'strop' cd [raubbau]

atrabilis sunrise 'pillgrimage' cd [raubbau]

atrabilis sunrise 'perverse liturgy' cd [raubbau]

the protagonist 'songs of experience' cd [raubbau]

no festival of light 'tautologia' cd [raubbau]

iron fist of the sun 'i will never have the right' cd [freak animal records]

grunt 'seer of decay' 2cd [freak animal records]

pain nail 'magneettinen kohtalo' cd [freak animal records]

nicole 12 'first 12 years' 2cd [industrial recollections]

nicole 12 'substitute' cd [freak animal records]

nicole 12 'playground / lolita love'  cd [freak animal records]

death squad 'fucked in the usa' minicd [freak animal records]

umpio 'muelas'  cd [freak animal records]

mania 'ultra-negative' cd [freak animal records]

martin bladh 'dirge; the peter sotos files' cd [freak animal records]

sudden infant / grey wolves / macronympha 'interzone 3' cd [industrial recollections]

bizarre uproar 'viha & kiima' cd [freak animal records, filth and violence]

bizarre uproar 'unsafe and insane' cd [filth and violence, industrial recollections]

bizarre uproar 'mass / ff' cd [filth and violence, industrial recollections]

contagious orgasm 'confession of mannequin'  cd [industrial recollections]

contagious orgasm 'corporal' cd [industrial recollections]

contagious orgasm 'thin skinned' cd [industrial recollections]

streicher 'der stürmer / hammerskins / compilation of 90's' cd [industrial recollections]




the grey wolves 'tokyo suicide service' lp [tesco archaic documents]

sk 1005 'mannheim/gothenburg' 1992 lp [tesco archaic documents]

blood axis 'the gospel of inhumanity' lp [storm]

lustmord 'the word as power' 2 x lp [blackest ever black]

kommando r.j.f. 'sweet slow suicide' lp [posh isolation]

cloama 'municipality of marionettes' lp [freak animal records]

bruno cossano  'live in paris' lp [dead mind records]

astro 'deformation receiver'  7inch [dead mind records]

k2 'variations: pianoise'  7inch [dead mind records]

kazumoto endo & kazuma kubota 'gyoen bedieningshendel' 7inch [dead mind records]

the haters / fckn bstrds 'the haters / fckn bstrds' 7inch [dead mind records]

club moral 'lonely weekends'  7inch [dead mind records]

various artists 'penus rectus 2010' 7inch [dead mind records]



streicher / :m: 'streicher / :m:' cas [freak animal records]

mania 'grim conditions' cas [freak animal records]

ssri 'circle of positivity' cas [freak animal records]

pain nail 'magneettinen kohtalo' cas [freak animal records]

white gimp mask / volksmorg 'cum is nothing when you enter through the back opening' cas [terror]

vxrx / hssk 'vilnius' cas [terror]

fecalove 'total fucking ignorance' cas [cipher productions]

brum 'quicksand' cas [cipher productions]

praying for oblivion 'facade' cas [cipher productions]

ichorous vs. broken diode 'malevolence vol. 1' cas [cipher productions]




special interests 'nr7' [freak animal]

special interests 'nr9' [freak animal]

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