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cd plokštelės:


propergol 'paradise land' cd [tesco]

apoptose 'bannwald' cd [tesco]

apoptose 'norland' cd [tesco]

anenzephalia 'kaltwelt'cd [tesco]

rxaxpxe 'of my own free will' cd [assembly of hatred]

nordvargr 'in oceans abandoned by life i' cd [essence music]

aidan baker 'noise of silence' cd [essence music]

acid mother temple 'live in occident' cd [essence music]

drakh 'bethlehem' cd [essence music]

nadja 'autopergamene' cd [essence music]

merzbow 'camouflage' cd [essence music]

cisfinitum & first human ferro 'alchemicals' cd [old captain]

cisfinitum 'landschaft' cd [old captain]

oda relikta 'upa' cd [old captain]

ostarbeiter 'the iron era' 2cd [old captain]

vestigial 'solar/aeon' cd [old captain/cyclic law]

grunt 'europe after storm' cd [force majeur/industrial recolections]

grunt 'someone is watching' cd [force majeur]

singular cleansweep operations 'final service' cd [teito sound company]

xiphoid dementia 'secular hymns' cd [malignant records]

altar of flies 'let new life rise in the face of deat' cd [hasten & korset]

caul 'the long dust' cd [malignant records]

theologian 'the chasms of my heart' cd [crucial blast]

navicon torture technologies 'your suffering will be legendary' 2cd [malignant records]

desiderii marginis 'procession' cd [malignant records]

nyodene d 'edenfall' 2cd+box [malignant records]

bocksholm 'cage inside the beat of the forge'cd [wrotycz records]

contemplatron 'prabhashvara' cd [wrotycz records]



trepaneringsritualen 'ritualer, blot & botgöring' lp [strömkarlen/verlautbarung]

trepaneringsritualen 'judas goat/didymus christ' 7inch [fang bomb]

anenzephalia 'kaltwelt' lp [tesco organisation/zaetraom]

fire + ice 'fractured man' lp [fremdheit]



poena 'likboden' cas [belaten]

terence hannum 'burning impurities' cas  [belaten]

lebensfaden 'desnos' cas [leben]

ultimastanza 'a jewel in a dunhill' cas [leben]

parijna 'the age of scentless imperilment' cas [tlp records]

tongue knax 'maxim for subjugation' cas [stiff sanctorum]

polar moldmentous 'desperate in nirvana' cas [lust vessel]

ultimastanza 'corpse talk for the downright' cas [morte one]

libertinage 'quick cum' cas [stiff sanctorum]

hedonic serge 'somatoscopy: mode of male pleasure' cas [stiff sanctorum]

mordant karma 'indulge' cas [stiff sanctorum]

ultimastanza 'total preoccupancy in pleasant silence' cas [stiff sanctorum] 

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