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cd plokštelės:


rome ‘hell money' cd [trisol]

of the wand and the moon 'liveat lodge of imploded love' cd [heiðrunar myrkrunar]

jastreb 'jastreb' cd [hau ruck!]

seven that spells 'superautobahn' cd [hau ruck!]

derniere volonte 'mon meilleur ennemi' cd [hau ruck!]

mongolito 'acedia' cd [hau ruck!]

der blutharsch and the infinite chur 'the end of the beginning' cd [wkn]

current93 'when the may rain comes' cd [rotor]

family underground 'un tratto di malinconia' cd [turgid animal]

utarm 'minus the divine' cd [turgid animal]

cloama 'at the mountains of paranoia' cd [turgid animal]

gelsomina 'pythogenetics: collection' cd [turgid animal]

jazzfinger 'the ducal palace'cd [turgid animal]

total 'hard + low' cd [turgid animal]

fire in the head 'carrion wind' cd [turgid animal]

splinter vs stalin 'eravamo cosi felici' cd [turgid animal]

bizzare uproar 'filthy communions 2005/2009' cd [turgid animal]

mutant ape 'whats left?' cd [turgid animal]

ryn 'cosmic birth' cd [turgid animal]

grunt / cloama 'valkoinen kuolema - belyi smertz' cd [freak animal]

haare 'funeral of souls' cd [freak animal]

martin bladh's & bo i. cavefors 'the island of death' cd + book [freak animal]

testicle hazard 'python in the bowl' cd [freak animal]

grunt 'world draped in a camouflage' cd [freak animal]

brethern 'alienated and radicalized' cd [freak animal]

alchemy of the 21st century 'beauty of aesthetic imperfection' cd [freak animal]

umpio 'muelas' cd [freak animal]

bizarre uproar 'rape africa' cd [freak animal]

owl 'tapes 97-99' cd [freak animal]

clinic of torture 'live sadism' cd [institute of paraphilia studies]

various artists 'americanoise' cd [audio dissection]

anemone tube 'dream landscape' cd [silken tofu]

anemone tube 'death over china' cd [silken tofu / topheth prophet]

diskrepant 'ex machina libertas' cd [fractured spaces records]

gelsomina 'nostalghia' cd [cipher productions]

k2 'junk-a-tohgenkyo' cd [cipher productions]

isomer 'nil by mouth' cd [cipher productions]

dieter muh / mnem 'atomyriades' cd [cipher productions]

the vomit arsonist 'wretch' cd [cipher productions]

astro 'shell star / spica' cd [cipher productions]

the rita + wilt 'werewolf in the black space' cd [cipher productions]

troum 'grote mandrenke'    cd [beta-lactam ring records]

maeror tri 'mort aux vaches: hypnos/transe' cd [raubau]

various artists 'listen to something different' cd [ars macabre]

various artists 'evolved as one - a collection of emotional ambient-drones' cd [evolved as one]

troum 'autopoiesis / nahtscato' cd [zoharum records]

hall of mirrors 'altered nights' 2 cd [malignant records]

maculatum 'the nameless city' cd [malignant records]

sphare sechs 'tiefschlaf' cd [malignant records]

nyodene d 'edenfall' cd [malignant records]

funerary call 'nightside emanations' cd [malignant records]

shinjuku thief 'devolution' cd [dorobo]

altar of flies 'let new life rise in the face of death' cd [hästen & korset]

thorofon 'new heroes essentials' cd [klanggalerie]

march of heroes 'la chute' cd [steinklang industries]

stormfagel 'dodsvals' cd [steinklang industries]

kazeria 'liber corvus' cd [twilight records / gradual hate records]

dawn & dusk entwined 'reccolection 1994-1999' cd [twilight records]

aythis 'the new earth' cd [twilight records]

barbarosa umtrunk 'agharti' cd [twilight records]

vir martialis 'metapolemos [ the metaphysics of war ]' cd [twilight records]

hyperborei 'terrae incognitae' cd [twilight records]

stricta doctrina 'stricta doctrina' cd [twilight records]

le revers sanglant 'un combat perdu d'avance' cd [twilight records]

kraschau 'offenbarung' cd [twilight records / gradual hate records]

krepulec 'martial industrial power with parabel' cd [twilight records]

krepulec/outofsight 'furious friends' cd [twilight records]

quimera music 'love & madness' cd [twilight records]

horologium 'le paradis des chasseurs' cd [twilight records]

dark awake 'meseonas' cd [twilight records]

o paradis 'carreteras' cd [oec]

o paradis 'personas' cd [oec]

mb & mo 'spiritual noises' cd [oec]

alex kubotha 'playing the disaster' cdr [oec]

eldar 'the secret golden flower' cd [oec]

mb & mo 'material modulations' cd [oec]

sabled sun '2145' cd [oec]

stratvm terror 'aged fractures and dead ends' 2cd [oec]

altieri / balestrazzi / becuzzi 'in memoriam j.g. ballard' cd [oec]

tsidzm 'pax deorum hominumque' cd [oec]

the song sparrows 'days that are no more' cd [oec]

lux arodyca 'soul meshes' cd [oec]

horologium & k. meitzer 'decorated silence' cd [oec]

candor chasma 'rings' cd [oec]

macelleria mobile di mezzanotte 'hard boiled night club' cd [oec]

teatro satanico 'fatwa' cd [oec]

satanismo calibro 9 'isis rising' cd [oec]

asbaar 'ex umbra in solem' cd [oec]

artefactum 'foxgloves & bluebells' cd [oec]

roma amor 'occhi neri' cd [oec]

roma amor 'femmina' cd [oec]

steven severin 'vampyr' cd [cold spring records]

lull/beta cloud/andrew liles 'circadian rhytm reconfigured' cd [cold spring records]

sutcliffe jugend 'with extreme prejudice' cd [cold spring records]

machinefabriek 'veldwerk' cd [cold spring records]

various artists 'john barleycorn reborn: rebirth' 2cd [cold spring records]

kreuzweg ost 'gott mit uns' cd [cold spring records]

heldentod 'the ghost machine' cd [cold spring records]

mz 412 'domine rex inferum' cd [cold spring records]

mz 412 'burning the temple of god' cd [cold spring records]

sleep research facility 'stealth' 2cd [cold spring records]

burial hex 'book of delusions' cd [cold spring records]

hirsute pursuit 'tighten that muscle ring' cd [cold spring records]

psychic tv 'ov power' cd [cold spring records]

psychic tv 'batschkapp' cd [cold spring records]

psychic tv 'paramartha' cd [cold spring records]




der blutharsch & the infinite church 'the end of the beginning' lp [wkn]

derniere volonte 'mon meilleur ennemi' lp + 7 [hau ruck!]

of the wand and the moon 'live at the lodge of imploded love' 10inch [heiðrunar myrkrunar]

roma amor '17,3' 10inch [hr!spqr]

women in tragedy 'dark passenger' lp [turgid animal]

sick seed 'man and machine' 7inch [turgid animal]

panicsville 'new directions in creative nihilism' 7inch   [turgid animal]

nrrrrk 'bless the children' 7inch [turgid animal]

mutant ape / mlehst 'split' 7inch [turgid animal]

haare 'death happening' 7inch [turgid animal]

cloama / mutant ape 'dementia' 7inch [turgid animal]

aaron dilloway 'chain balled' 7inch[turgid animal]

facialmess & hana kodama 'split' lp [cipher productions]

illusion of safety 'sweet dreams' 10inch [drone records / substantia innominata]

various artists 'drone-mind // mind-drone vol. 1' lp [drone records]

bizarre uproar 'rape africa' lp [freak animal]

grunt 'world draped in a camouflage' lp  [freak animal]

hirsute pursuit 'boyd keeps swinging' lp [cold spring records]




svaixt 'lo' cas [terror]

breaking the will / nyodene d / steel hook prostheses 'industrial historical document' 3 x cas [new forces]

knife city 'hex inheritance' 2 x cas [cipher productions]

hassokk 'betono gniaužtai' cas [phage tapes]

haare 'forward to insanity' cas [terror]

lys 'klaida ir užuojauta' cas [terror]

oorchach 'vigilia' cas [terror]

jastreb 'jastreb' cas [wkn]

grunt 'dance for the genocide' cas [freak animal]

chloroform rapist 'untitled' cas [nil by mouth]

caligula031 'domino' cas [nil by mouth]




special interests 'nr8' mag [freak animal] 

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