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cd plokštelės:

peter wallenkuhr 'la perception temporelle en psychoci' cd [gigabrosaurus recs]

his divine grace 'debut' cd [gigabrosaurus recs]

taciturne 'tod im juli / der brotkasten' cd [gigabrosaurus recs]

anna / his divine grace '6, zweiter von sieben' cd [gigabrosaurus recs]

his divine grace 'i did egon oppl' cd [gigabrosaurus recs]

his divine grace 'leviathan 6' cd [gigabrosaurus recs]

his divine grace 'live in engelsberg' cd [gigabrosaurus recs]

his divine grace 'leviathan 1' cd [gigabrosaurus recs]

his divine grace 'leviathan 2' cd [gigabrosaurus recs]

his divine grace 'leviathan 3' cd [gigabrosaurus recs]

his divine grace 'leviathan 4' cd [gigabrosaurus recs]

necrophorus' moments of sleeping sadness' cd [tantric harmonies]

streicher 'der sturmer / hammerskins / compilation of 90's' cd [industrial recollections]

control resistance 'declaration 1994-2011' cd [industrial recollections]

con-dom 'have complete fight' cd [unrest production]

death squad 'theological genocide' cd [spastik kommunikations]

nicole 12 'first 12 years' 2cd [industrial recollections]

grunt 'long lasting happiness' cd [industrial recollections]

martin bladh & bo i. cavefors 'the island of death' cd + book [freak animal]

white walls 'malattia mentale' cd [peripheral records]

fear konstruktor / barrikad 'the path to the black lodge' cd [peripheral records]

staalkracht 'a means to an end' cd [peripheral records]

various artists 'philosophy of a knife' cd [peripheral records]

maurizio bianchi 'aeternum aevum' cd [peripheral records]

thorofon 'exkarnation' cd [ant-zen]

sektor 304 'subliminal actions' cd [malignant records]

kristoffer nystrom orkester 'overlook hotel' cd [malignant records]

skin area 'rothko field' cd [malignant records]

triarii 'exile'   cd ep [eternal soul records]

herbst9 'buried under time and sand' cd [loki foundation]

jarl 'minus one - neutral' cd [moontrix]

in slaughter natives 'insanity & treatment' 3cd [infinite fog]

pogrom 'multicultural degeneration' cd [filth & violience]

guilty c 'bottom down' cd [utsu tapes]

ming 'namaste' cd [utsu tapes]

al margolis / if bwana '6848' cd [utsu tapes]

guilty connector 'mothers bloated corpse' cd [utsu tapes]




fear konstruktor 'nonexistence' 7inch [peripheral records]

a challenge of honour 'a moral destiny' 7inch [peripheral records]

trepaneringsritualen 'deathward, to the womb' 10inch [rtb records]

iron fist of the sun 'tears royal' lp [unrest produktions]

hal hutchinson 'wreckage & reconstruction' lp [unrest produktions]

kristoffer nystroms orkester 'overlook hotel' lp [malignant records]

iron fist of the sun 'embers' 7inch [peripheral records]


kam hassah 'private conversation vol. 1' cas [joy de vivre]

wince 'mushed down retardation' cas [joy de vivre]

trepaneringsritualen 'roi perdu' cas [beläten]

trepaneringsritualen & aether 'edifice of nine sauvastikas' cas [beläten]

en nihil / gnawed 'fall of the humanity' cas [nil by mouth]

pollutive static 'turn on the fuck soundtrack' cas [nil by mouth]

volksmorg 'volksmorg' cas [terror]

pogrom 'multicultural degeneration' cas  [filth & violence]

pogrom 'live' cas [filth & violence]

various artists 'kad te moje čakija ubode' 2 x cas [terror] 


special interests 'nr7' mag [freak animal]



fjernlys 'ascending & luminous' [m & xl] black, t-shirt

fjernlys polo [l size], t-shirt

circular 'shaping the unknown' [l size], t-shirt


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