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cd plokđtelës:

troum 'tjukurrpa [part two: drones]' cd  [transgredient records]       

troum 'tjukurrpa [part three: rhythms and..]' cd [transgredient records]

stem cell research project 'charnel houses' cd [syzmic]

steel hook prostheses 'cut off the nose to spite the face' 2cd [syzmic]

steel hook prostheses 'torturous anxiety' cd [l.white records]

taint/grunt 'schoolyard bruises' cd [industrial recollections]

merzbow 'dead zone' cd  [quasi pop]     

blood box 'funeral in an empty room' cd [power & steel]

various artists 'incendium III' cd [loki foundation]

bad sector 'chronoland' cd [power & steel]

herbst9 'usumgal kalamma' 2cd [loki foundation]       

s.e.t.i. 'baikal' cd [power & steel]

fjernlys 'within the mind of ghost' cd [loki foundation]

necrophorus 'underneath spirit of tranquility' cd [wrotycz records]

sunday strain 'destiny done' cd [wrotycz records]

peter andersson 'music for film and exhibition I' 3cd [infinite fog]

nyodene d 'every knee shall bow' cd [assembly of hatred]

brighter death now 'breaking down nihil' 2cd [der angriff]

lustmord 'other dub' cd [waultworks]

café de l'enfer 'marchant a quatre pattes au-devant de la rédemption' cd [steinklang industries]

bad sector 'transponder' cd [infinite fog]

death squad 'isolation as intent' cd [spastik kommunikations]

death squad 'out patient' cd [spastik kommunikations]

rapoon 'messianicghosts' cd [aquarellist]

côte déserte 'dale coopers case' cd [aquarellist]

povarovo 's/t'  cd [aquarellist]

rapoon 'media studies' cd [aquarellist]

militia 'power propaganda production' cd [neuropa]

terra sancta 'sunken buried forgotten' cdep [malignant records]       

rasalhague 'rage inside the window' cd [malignant records]

first human ferro 'homo shargey' cd [newnihilism]

first human ferro 'stardust' cd [nitkie]

first human ferro feat. albireon 'prosa profana' cd [nitkie]

oda relicta 'saint sebastian / sphinx the perched' cd [midnight-productions]         

oda relicta 'lux aeterna' cd [twilight records]               

various artists 'secret assembly' dvd [oms records]




yen pox ‘universal emptiness‘ 10 inch [substantia inominata]