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cd plokštelės:

custodian "toil and waste" cd [syzmic records]
inhalant "save our souls" cd [syzmic records]
topografia "genius loci" cd [greytone]
trama "afona" cd [greytone]
taphephobia "acces to a world of pain" cd [greytone]
picatrix "quaestio prima: cd [greytone]
santaagostino " la morti marcia sui terreni k"cd [greytone]
mb/mdt "genologic technocide" cd [spatter]
onirot "deus ex machina" cd [inner gravity records]
troum " autopoiesis/nahtscato" cd [zoharum]
post scriptvm "grey eminence" cd [tesco]
genocide organ "leichenlinie" cd [tesco]
thosoaa "identify" cd [tesco]
changes "lament" cd [hauruck]
blood axis "born again" cd [storm records]
apoptose "bannvald" cd [tesco]
nadja/troum "dominum visurgis" cd [transgredient records]
troum "sigqan" cd [drone records]
troum/martyn bates "to a child dancing in the wind" cd [transgredient records]
tor lundvall "ghost years" cd [tursa]
various artists "with friends like these" 2cd [tursa]
von thronsthal "conscriptum" 2cd [csr]
fire in the head "confessions of a narcissist" cd [csr]
tenhornedbeast "hunts & wars" cd [csr]
machinefabriek "daas" cd [csr]
sewer goddess "with dirt you are one" cd [black plague records]
phaenon "his masters voice" cd [malignant records]
martin bladh "study for a theater of cruelthy" cd [annihilvs]
irm "the cult of the young men" cd [annihilvs]
oophoi "an aerial view" cd [glacial records]
phelios "astral unity" cd [malignant records]
sektor 304 "soul cleansing" cd [malignant records]
dawn & dusk entwined "cathedrales de brume" cd [aube & crepuscule]
steel hook prostheses "exploring the outer lesion" cd [clinical records]
aderlating "devotional hymns" cd [shadowgraph records]
fjernlys "beyond the undulant quiscence" cd [loki foundation]
penjaba insaf "sama sadja" cd [power & steel]
yen pox "blood music" cd [malignant records]
various artists "widerstand" 2cd [stateart]


sewer election "kvavd/ det totala slutet" 7 [wendyprodz]
dracula lewis "death comes ripping" 7 [wendyprotz]
testicle hazard "het potatis" 7 [wendyprodz]
ich konte ich wolte "at the gates" 7 [tut/rur]
olhon "lucifugus" 10 [substantia inominata]
kallabris "music for a very simple objects" 10 [substantia inominata]
procer veneficus "how the heater moonlight shivers" 2LP [tut/rur]
wermut "ether" 2LP [tut/rur]
fjernlys "beyond the undulant quiescence" LP [loki faundation]

alfarmania/attestupa "split" LP [rtb]


the monit arsonist "reason" cas [nil by mouth]
various artists "tied down an abuse" cas [nil by mouth]


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