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first law "terrorforming" cd [loki foundation]
first law "velochrome" cd [loki foundation]
first law "violent sedated" cd [loki foundation]
first law "beyond io" cd [loki foundation]
first law "chaos structure" cd [loki foundation]
herbst9 "the gods are small birds and i am falcon" cd [loki]
herbst9 "from dark chasm below" cd [loki foundation]
inade "the crackling of anonymous" cd [loki foundation]
inade "the incarnation of solar architects" cd [loki foundation]
circular "shaping the unknown" cd [loki foundation]
fjernlys "ascending triads & luminous arcs" 2cd [loki foundation]
various artists "incendium II" cd [loki foundation]
seti "corona" cd [power and steel]
bad sector "cmasa" cd [power and steel]
virologic "bugged" mcd [power and steel]
death pact international "siege 1999-2009" cd [oec]
norvargr "evoliution" 2cd [oec]
folkstorm "the forgotten tapes" cd [oec]
weihan "symphonies of divination" cd [oec]
ain soph "oktiabr" cd+mcd [oec]
a challenge of honour " leonidas" cd [oec]
maeror tri "language of flames and sound" cd [oec]
troum/reutoff "creatur per creaturam continetur" cd [ewers tonkunst]
troum "eald ge streon" 2cd [beta lactam rings]
lacus somniorum "tideshaper" cd [cyclic law]
sinke dus "akrasia" cd [cyclic law]
new risen throne "whispers of the approaching" cd [cyclic law]
tholen "sternklang" cd [cyclic law]
cities last broadcasting "the cancelled earth" cd [cyclic law]
karjalan sissit "fucking whore society" cd [cyclic law]
karjalan sissit "karjalasta kajahtaa" cd [cyclic law]
new risen throne "crossing the withered regions" cd [cmi]
eldar "sapere aude" cd [cmi]
knifeladder "music/concrete" cd [cmi]
die weisse rose "a martyrium of white roses" cd [cmi]
atrium carceri "souyuan" cd [cmi]
brighter death now "where dreams come true" cd [cmi]
raison d`etre "the luminous experience" cd [cmi]
blood axis "blod: sacrifice in sweden" cd [cmi]
passion nera "research" cdep [cmi]
hyos "consuetudines" cd [malignant records]
navicon turture technologies "the gospels of the gash" 2cd [malignant rec]
desiderii marginis "years lend a golden charm" cd [eternal pride]
herz juhning "miasma" cd [galakthorro]
grunt "documentation" 3cd [freak animal]
tor lundvall " insect wings, leaf matter...] cd [eternal autumn editions]




die weisse rose "a martyrium of white roses" lp [cmi]
passion nera "research" `7 [cmi]
herz juhning "miasma" lp [galakthorro]
subliminal "look at the creation" `7 [galakthorro]
voice of eye "substantia innominata" `10 [drone records]
bizarre uproar "unsafe and insane" lp [dogma chase]
incapacitants "tight" lp [dogma chase]
sickness "ruiner" lp [freak animal]
regim "stabbed by the blind" lp [segerhuva]
herbst9 "snake of saigon/from below" `7



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