REALGAR "Auriloquio" goldenCD


Apie REALGAR projektà:

Realgar is the name of the musical project devised by Claudia Florio and Roberto Marino in 2006. The experience of the fusion of electronic sounds with ancient ones is just a part of the character of this project, from which a vary stylistically peculiar impression rises up, since it is the yield of different musical drifts, characterised by the continual necessity of research; research of new sounds and, in the meantime, research meant as the “jealous recovery” of what belongs to us, for instinct and tradition. Claudia Florio: voice-melodic composition. She studied lyrical singing as soprano and then she attended to the performance of the ancient music, with particular esteem to the interpretation of the ‘500 age musicians. Contemporaneously she attended to a “neo-classical” – experimental musical drift; she comes from the experience of the Lupercalia, a former World Serpent project, with whom she recorded the album “Florilegium” for the Portuguese label Equilibrium. Involved in the group since 2000, she solidified a strong live skill playing in several concerts, both in Italy and overseas, together with artists as QNTAL, KIRLIAN CAMERA and ATARAXIA. At the moment she is still collaborating with Riccardo Prencipe (ex Lupercalia) for the release of the new album of his solo-project "Corde Oblique"("Volontà d'arte" - Prikosnovenie). Furthermore she is collaborating with Luigi Rubino (Ashram) (one track in "Fairy World IV" - Prikosnovenie and some tracks for his new album, "A theme for the moon", out on march 2009 - Prikosnovenie). Roberto Marino: electronic composition. Instrumentalist and composer, firstly influenced by the garage and psychedelic rock, besides by the ’70 progressive. Afterward he attended to the classical – minimal composition, and got passion for the ancient music, playing some different kinds of flutes. Between 2000 and 2002 he got a significant live skill as guitarist and flautist of Argine. In 2005, with the Demo “Le Trascendenze”, his solo-project, he received an excellent review from the Italian magazine Ritual. In 2006 Realgar realised a promo cd of five tracks and had lots of reviews and interviews. In the last years Realgar played in significant live shows and dark-wave-electro festivals.

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