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cd plokštelės:

rapoon "from shadowssleep" cd [essence music]
rapoon "fallen gods [cidar]" 2cd [staalplat]
rapoon "just say the faith" cd [soleilmoon]
rapoon "cold war: drum n bas" 2cd [soleilmoon]
rapoon "navigating by colour" cd [soleilmoon]
rapoon "recurring [dream circle]" 2cd [soleilmoon]
rapoon "raising earthly spirits" cd [soleilmoon]
rapoon "d-lem: a day of visuals geographic" cd [soleilmoon]
rapoon "darker by light" cd [soleilmoon]
rapoon "errant angels" cd [soleilmoon]
rapoon/cisfinitum "mental travellers" cd [ewers tonkunst]
thosoaa "minus" cd [art/das]
thosoaa "enrielle" cd [art konkret]
thosoaa "spoiler" minicd [selfrelease]
kommando "necroinvasiv" cd [l.white records]
thorofon "final movement" cd [klanggalerie]
linija mass "trud" cd [der angriff]
linija mass "mechano-faktura" cd [der angriff]
linija mass "proletkult" cd [der angriff]
land:fire "incandescent" minicd [shortwavetransmission]
nocturne "fleisch und metall" cd [steinklang industries]
runes order "delirio 68-34-9 live magenta" cd [transf.order]
runes order "misantropia" cd [transf.order]
various artists "emilio t. espejo 5cc" cd [transf.order]
various artists "in the crystal cage" cd [ikonen]
operation cleansweep "powerhungry" cd [selfrelease]
anenzephalia "ephemeral dawn" cd [tesco]
various artists "salon decadence" cd [neo-form]
dogpop "in god we trust in dog we trust" cd [zaetraom]
bain wolfkind "wasteland" minicd [wkn]
derniere volonte "les blessures de lombre" cd [wkn]
derniere volonte "commemoration" 2cd [wkn]
derniere volonte "le feu sacre" cd [wkn]
der blutharsch "the pleasures received in pain" cd [wkn]
der blutharsch "first" cd [wkn]
der blutharsch "the moment of truth" cd [wkn]
der blutharsch "der sieg des lichtes" cd [wkn]
blood axis "the gospel of inhumanity" cd [storm records]
varuna "cantos" cd [wkn]
naevus "silent life" cd [wkn]
apoptose "schattenmadchen" cd [tesco]
reutoff "regno di pianta" cd [indiestate]
reutoff "three withered souls" cd [ewers tonkunst]
hum "flesh of the soul" cd [quag]
stalnoy pakt/anthesteria/mikhail vavich "dedicated to..." cd [der angriff]
id molotov "mordance" cd [indiestate]
ex.order "corporate control" cd [power and steel]
herbst vs zev "through bleak landscape" cd [loki foundation]
coph nia "the dark illuminati" cd [cmi]
sonne hagal "helfahrt" cd [eis & licht]
atomine elektrine "nebulous" cd [essence music]
horologium "the world is not enough" cd [neuropa records]
a challenge of honour "trilogy" 2cd [vrihaspati records]
lustmord vs metal beast "s/t" cd [side effects]
lustmord "metavoid" cd [nextera]
lustmord "juggernaut" cd [hydra head records]
in gowan ring "the twin trees" cd [shayo]
nature morte "recluse" cd [tut/rur]
his divine grace "eurydice" cd [dark vynil]
thomas nola et son orchestre "vanity is a sin?" cd [punch records]
o paradis "cuando el tiempo sopla" cd [punch records]
o paradis & novy svet "entre siempre y jamas..." cd [nekofutschata]
ataraxia "kremasta nera" cd [ark records]
sub luna "in the shade of time" 2cd [dagaz music]
horologium and k.meizter "eight studies in transition" cd [oec]
dead mans hill "dog burial" cd [oec]
irm "the cult of the young men" cd [annihilvs]
nordvargr/drakh "the betrayal of light"cd [tumult]
sewer election "sex/death" cd [pacrec]
various artists "total slitting of throats" cd [pacrec]
edwige "the inconsolable widow thanks..." cd [segerhuva]
autechre/hafler trio "aeo33hae" cd [die stadt]
troum "aiws" cd [transgredient records]
troum "ryna" cd [transgredient records]
troum/martyn bates "split" cd [transgredient records]
schloss tegal "the myth of meat" cd [waystyx]
various artists "the sound of nothingness" 2cd [void records]
con-dom "holy bible" minicd [freak animal]
grunt "trite" dvdr [freak animal]
pure "fetor" cd [freak animal]
bizzare uproar & gelsomina "assisted self-sterillization" cd [freak animal]
gelsomina & squamata "junkyard behemoth" cd [freak animal]
incapacitants "pariah demise" 5cd [freak animal]
northaunt/vinterriket "split" cd [flood the earth records]
various artists "cryosphere" cd [glacial movements]
necrophorus "imprints" cd [wrotycz records]
various artists "a tribute to zdzislaw beksinski" cd [wrotycz records]
the hafler trio "a thirsty fish" 2cd [korm plastics]
the hafler trio "mastery of money" cd [korm plastics]
the hafler trio "kill the king" cd [korm plastics]
minamata "niigata" cd [zone de confusion]
minamata "tomoko vemura" cd [les nouvelles propagandes]
tiburce "accords perdus" cd [les nouvelles propagandes]
la nomenklatur "la legende des voix" cd [antzen]
la nomenklatur "le triomphe de la volonte" cd [les nouvelles propagandes]
comando suzie "pobres chavales" cd [punch records]
frozen faces "broken sounds of a dying culture" cd [wrotycz records]
con-dom "live in japan 2003" cd [teito sound company]
genocide organ "remember" 2cd [tesco]
erik ursich "electronic diffraction patterns" cd [punch records]
arcana "raspail" cd [kalinkaland records]
mushroom's patience "eh?" cd [misty circle records]
troum "symballein" cd [small voices]
troum "objectlessness" cd [faria records]
arditi "omne ensis impera" [equilibrium records]
puissance "mother of disease" cd [equilibrium records]
puissance "grace of god" cd [equilibrium records]
puissance "back in control" cd [equilibrium records]
incapacitants "el shanbara therminosis" cd [segerhuva]
various artists "iznutri" cd [ewers tonkunst]
mmm/profile "lultimo vero bacio" cd [oec]
mekhate "35grams" cd [creative fields rec]
ludmila "nel primo cerchio" cd [creative fields rec]
innana "signal/or/minimal" cd [crowd control activities]
pacific 231 & rapoon "palestine" cd [oec]
space alliance "volume 2" cd [oec]
tenhornedbeast "the sacred truth" cd [cold spring records]
von thronstahl "sacrificare" cd [cold spring records]
as all die "failure of human spirit" cd [dying empyluer prod]
zeni geva "maximum money monster" cd [cold spring records]
sleep research facility "nostromo" cd [cold spring records]
inade "aldebaran" cd [cold spring records]
cccc "chaos is the cosmos" cd [cold spring records]
south saturn delta "experience the concreteness" cd [cold spring records]
john watermann "calcutta gas chamber" cd [cold spring records]
kreuzweg ost "edelrost" cd [cold spring records]
steel hook prostheses "light reflected..." cd [pain compliance prod]
sleep research facility "deep frieze" cd [cold spring records]
sistrenatus "division one" cd [cold spring records]
shinjuku thief "the scribbler" cd [cold spring records]
innana "day ov torment" cd [cold spring records]
rose rovine e amanti "rituale romanum" cd [cold spring records]
necropolis "necrosphere" cd [cold spring records]
herr "vondels lucifer - first movement" cd [cold spring records]
toll "christ knows" cd [cold spring records]
toroidh "segervittring" cd [neuropa records]
svasti ayanam "sanklesa" cd [eternal pride]
bse "no lights in our eyes" cd [cmi]
ore & spiritual front "satyriasis" cd [cmi]
sturmast "ibis redibis nunquam in bello" cd [cmi]
foundation hope "tunes for the wounded" cd [cmi]
deutsch nepal "dystopian partycollection" cd [cmi]
arcana "the last embrace" cd [cmi]
arcana "cantar de procella" cd [cmi]
deutsch nepal "comprendido...time stop" cd [cmi]
dawn & dusk entwined "septentrion" cd [cmi]
golgatha "tales of transgression & sacrifice" cd [cmi]
various artists "cmi live in australia" dvd [cmi]
fire in the head "you too shall burn" 3`cd [nil by mouth]
mortuor "necro schizo" 3`cd [nil by mouth]
active nihilism "entartete kunst" cd [nil by mouth]
steel hook prostheses "hell hospital" [nil by mouth]
bleed "black leather uniform" cd [nil by mouth]
halthan "subliminal kill" cd [nil by mouth]
slogun "glory of murder" cd [circle of shit]
slogun "wanted and missed" businesscard [circle of shit]




sutciffe jugend "transgression" lp [dogma chase]
sutcliffe jugend "this is the truth" 2lp [ground fault/hospita]
ex.order "corporate control" lp [poer and steel]
fjernlys "within the mind of ghost" lp [skogholt]
troum vs nid "ignis sacer" lp [herzbraune/art konkret]
inade "colliding dimensions" 4lp [loki foundation]
ex.order "broadcast 23" lp [power and steel]
teatro satanico "pan is tod" `10 [oec]
wermut "les nuits dalmantes..." `10 [oec]
echo west "kreuze" 2 X `10 [tut/rur]
sun eaters "cosmic insight, baby" `10 [tut/rur]
wermut/fiendish fib "split" `10 [tut/rur]
comando suzie/o paradis "split" `7 [punch records]
totenlieder/reutoff "the world will never know" `7 [sf]
land "wien" `10 [divine comedy records]
land "budapest" `10 [divine comedy records]
november novelet "magic" lp [galakthorro]
herz juhning "faces" `7 [galakthorro]
incapacitants/sewr election "split" lp [segerhuva]
mnem "engrama" lp [segerhuva]
envenomist "chariots" lp [segerhuva]
ochu/treriksroset "split" `7 [segerhuva]
asianova "magnamnemonicon" `10 [substania innominata]
ure thrall "premonition 9/11" `7 [drone records]
brighter death now "1980" lp [cmi]
dr.c.stein "liege in the spring" `10 [tut/rur]
ore "four" pic-10 [raubbau]
skin area 'muzak" `10 [rev/vega rec]
alfarmania & proiekt hat "furyfication" lp [trash head rituals]
grunt "installation of blood and steel" lp [trash head rituals]
thosoaa "dying reveal" `7 [drone records]
dbpit & mmm "nudi a meta" `10 [final music]
golden serenades / testicle hazard "split" lp [segerhuva]
teatro satanico "inno a satana" `10 lp [oec]
gnostic gnomes "zwergenlieder" 2 X `5 [tut/rur]
altar of flies / sewer election "split" lp [release the bats]
various artists "sturmriga" 2LP [sturm]




jarl "negative rotation" cas [abisko]
bizarre uproar "antibliss06" cas [freak animal]
alfarmania "at sanatoriet" cas [hatband]
alfarmania "ulleraker" cas [styggelse]
alfarmania "lvm" cas [styggelse]
blood ov thee christ "s.i.c.k. tape" cas [hatband]
blood ov thee christ "nihler" cas [styggelse]
blood ov thee christ "pisslepra" cas [styggelse]
various artists "criminalia" cas [styggelse]
various artists "pillerthriller" cas [styggelse]
raperies "like draperies" 2 X cas [nil by mouth]
noisewerrrrk "anti-modernist electronics" cas [nil by mouth]
altar of flies/m.frisk/gjalp "krig pest svalt dod" cas [nil by mouth]
ichorous "drift of sanity" cas [nil by mouth]




november "novellet "magic"
control "extoll hate"
genocide organ "in-konflikt"
tesco "industrial central"
ait! "romanticismo oltranzista"
deutsch nepal "dystopian party collection"


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