sala - en-trance cd


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"En-trance” was recorded, but still wasn’t released by the magic-practising artists almost a decade ago. This album compiles two lasting live-recorded tracks. Ritual pulsing, archaic sound of wind instruments, deep-dark “ambient” and surrealistic, unexpected music bends immersing the audience to the swirl of phantasmagoric moods. There are some movies classified as of the “noir” stylistics, the main feature of which is highly forcible and strong atmosphere. If the records also have the classification of the “noir”, “En-trance” could be considered one of the most emphatic works of this style. Emotions generated by the “En-trance” music could be compared with the psychedelic atmosphere of the first albums of NWW, Hybryds. Interesting record and mystic ritual having sustained the challenge of social disregard during the years.

Album's tracks listing:

1. neophile gets ex-sited

2. and now s-he starts laughing

Album lasts for 40 min. 36 sec. It’s packed in a nontypical black plastic  DVD case. Limited edition 500 copies. CD is covered with special lackuer which smells like an almond.