"Autarkeia" translating from Greek means "self entertainment". In our times meanings of "independence" and "fullness" could be added. Perhaps it is clear why our organisation we've named in such way.  Though Autarkeia was established in order to record and to promote underground "industrial" subculture, our working area has been broadened. For such purposes we've made up this web site. Our main goal is to enrich our culture by new ideas and uncommon art artefacts. We believe that the real music, whose exclusive sign is sincerity, could be born only in "underground". Our aim is to find interesting and modern "industrial" subculture music and to present it like an alternative to the popular music culture. In this way we're about to remain independent, honest and sincere. By our activity we are going to inform you about interesting events - festivals, records - in "industrial" music world. In our website you're be able to order music recordings etc. Although our resources are limited, but you can be sure, that every record in our website has been purely selected. We do not want to sell you anything that we do not believe in. We are sure that original editions will retain their value. Neither mp3 neither bootleg will have so much emotion power like the original recordings do.  We do not believe in declarations that music could be obtained freely and gratis like, for example, internet music labels. Firstly - music can not be gratis because everything that was obtained without cost will never be treasured.  Secondly - society that spends all of it's resources just to survive without thinking how to spend them in a different way is not worth any 'interesting' music. That's why we justify our quite high prices. Lina Baby Doll (Deutsch Nepal) had said, that some recordings are for everyone and some are for special ones. Believe me, all recordings what are being distributed in our website are only for special people. If you doubt it just a little bit - don' t buy anything at all.


If you believe that you have done an interesting recording that could be attributed to "industrial" music subculture and you would like us to release it, please, do not hesitate and send us your "demo" record. We promise that we'll listen to it and if your "demo" will fascinate us we will contact you. Remember that we ourselves are doing the design for our releases and we take control of record duplication for ten years. Perhaps it sounds scary, but we're still world's versatile music company so don't hesitate and deal with us in 'ad hoc' way.